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We’re always looking for ways to improve server performance and page speed loading times.  Today we finished migrating the rest of our cPanel accounts over to PHP-FPM.  It’s straight forward and and easy conversion depending on the applications you have running.  None of ours experienced and issues and saw a dramatic increase in performance.

Login to WHM and in the left sidebar search for “PHP”.  Then click on the MultiPHP Manager.

WHM PHP-FPM MultiPHP Manager

You can see here I’ve already enabled PHP-FPM on my root and sub-domains.  You just need to click the box next to each and then from the PHP-FPM drop down choose to turn it on and click apply.  If you have a domain that inherits the server default it won’t let you turn it on at the domain level, you either have to statically set the domain or change the server defaults.

If you haven’t turned on PHP-FPM at all yet then you can click to turn it on under the “System PHP-FPM” above.  Once done you can then blanket convert all accounts to PHP-FPM if you choose to do so, it doesn’t take very long.

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