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Have you ever had your Google Chrome development tools window leave your screen view?  Most of the time I run it within the same tab, but when viewing mobile and wanting to seem more code at once detaching it can help.  When using multiple monitors on Windows 10 it can sometimes leave the viewport of all your screens and not return.  Even after closing Chrome, rebooting and reopening it still doesn’t come back into view.

You can see the developer tools window  as a second Google Chrome icon in your taskbar so it’s there.  Other solutions normally used to recover this window don’t seem to work on the developer tools window.

Initially I tried the following:

Option 1 – Window Arrangement
Right clicking the taskbar and select a window arrangement such as “Cascade Windows” or “Show Windows Stacked”.  Still no Google Chrome Development Tools window.

Option 2 – Keyboard Arrows
Alt+Tab until you have the developer tool window active.  Then press Shift+Right-Click on the taskbar button and choose “Move”.  You’ll notice your cursor change to a move cursor.  You then can use your keyboard arrows to move the window until it comes back into view.  This again did not solve the issue.

Option 3 – The solution
On the taskbar icon for the developer tools press these keys Shift+Right-Click and select “Restore” or “Maximize”.  Doing this made the window pop back into view.

Fix Google Chrome Developer Tools Disappearing WindowI’m not sure why but option 1 and 2 didn’t seem to apply here like it would with a normal window.

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