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Azure DevOps GIT Repository Error:

Next steps: Manually resolve these conflicts and push new changes to the source branch.

When merging a branch into master you might receive an error like the above.  It’s a simple solution of merging master into your branch, fixing any conflicting code and then committing, finishing the merge.

To do this go ahead and open up your git console in an empty folder.  Then type the following command to clone your repository:

git clone https://your-git-repository-url .

The “.” on the end I prefer so it clones it directly into the directory I’m already in versus putting it one folder deeper.

Next change to the branch that has the conflict:

git checkout devbranch

Now that you’re on the branch that has the conflict run:

git pull origin master

You should get some conflict errors back during this process, so check out the files it points out to you and when complete add them to the commit:

git add filename

After you’ve added all of the files that had the conflicts add your commit message:

git commit -m 'Conflict Fixes'

Now push:

git push

Now refresh your Azure DevOps pull request screen and the error message should be gone, go ahead and complete your pull request to the master branch and your done.

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  • jk says:

    Great help. I am able to follow this and resolve conflicts manually successfully. Thanks for documenting exact help.

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