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Data is the new gold and the field-tested backbone of every business striving for operational efficiency. But as data is getting more complex, you may have a hard time storing and handling it properly. Take it easy, though! Prodjex’s custom database development solutions can help you build a structured database system for effective data management and storage.

DB development for start-ups and established businesses

Prodjex is up for it, whether you’re just starting your business and want to make things right or struggling to put your chaotic corporate data to order. Our database development services are all-encompassing to respond to your business needs with a full-capacity database that:

  • Ensures data integrity
  • Helps deliver better service to your clients
  • Reduces business downtime

Structure your existing data and streamline new data flows. Keep your data safe and holistic with Prodjex!

Our custom database development expertise

Prodjex database developers are fluent in the SQL language to set up, maintain, and manage databases. We use popular database management tools to deliver the best solution for smooth organizational operations with MySQL or MSSQL.

Along with solid technical knowledge, the Prodjex database development company has vast experience setting up database systems for marketing, inventory management, membership tracking, real estate listings, and other niches. You are sure to get a failproof, secure database that brings maximum value to your organization and teams.

Let your business run smoothly by putting data in a secure and reliable environment. Prodjex can help you find the right way to make it happen by professionally implementing a system that fits into the tech landscape of your organization.


Learn the routes of optimizing your database environment. Our experienced tech advisors can work out the best solution for data-related challenges your organization encounters or identify architecture and design touch-ups that will make a difference in how you manage your data.


Would you like to move your database to a different environment? Prodjex is here to help you switch from/to MySQL, MSSQL, on-premise, cloud, or the hybrid ecosystem after assessing your data types to avoid moving redundant or duplicate information.

DB development

Build a well-structured, optimized database with Prodjex. With our developers, you can get a system that keeps your data grouped and correlated. No matter how complex it is, we can empower your organization with a flawlessly performing database system for achieving better business outcomes.


Once you entrust ongoing support and maintenance to the Prodjex database development agency, you know it works like a charm. Our developers will monitor your database performance to ensure its smooth operation and troubleshoot issues on the fly for your business continuity and success.


See your database working at the peak of its performance. Our qualified team can speed up operational processes, optimize your database architecture, and remove bottlenecks so that you can benefit from improved data management and higher ROI.

Tell us about your data needs. We can’t wait to bring your custom database to fruition.

MySQL Trim

MySQL Database Development

Many of the world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Alcatel Lucent and Zappos rely on MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems and packaged software.

We’re familiar with large data-sets and building smart database schemas that scale as your business grows.  Database optimization is a skill we excel in and enjoy shaving off those seconds from the execution time.

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Microsoft SQL Server Development Services

Microsoft SQL Server Database Development

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system, or RDBMS, that supports a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications in corporate IT environments.

We’ve worked with Microsoft SQL Server from early 2000 through the most current versions with DTS & SSIS packages.

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Why Prodjex?

When it comes to web we do it all

Tailored Web Solutions

Get unique and high quality web development solutions through our team of experienced PHP developers and designers for your customized web application.

Project Management

Our project managers map the scope of your software build, forecast progress and break tasks into managed releases that align with schedule and project cost goals. With transparency at the forefront, you are continuously involved as your product develops.

Quality Assurance

Versed in comprehensive testing best practices, our analysts work with your team to identify, fix and prevent software quality issues through a custom mix of manual testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation engineering and continuous integration.




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