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React Native

Mobile App Development

Native, Xamarin, React Native, or some other type of hybrid?  It can get confusing when trying to choose a platform for your new mobile app.  All of these options have their strengths and drawbacks, but it really depends on the desired features and devices you are targeting.

Xamarin and React Native allow you to develop apps for iOS & Android at a quicker pace with a single code stream.  This route can be a great solution depending on the required functionality.

Most applications out there now use some kind of database.  The API that allows communication from the database to your app is just as important as the application itself both from a security and performance standpoint.  In most cases we use Laravel for our API development.  This was the functionality and endpoints we create can be re-used, if needed, later down the road to create a Web Application to compliment your product.

Already have a mobile app?  We’ve inherited many types of applications.  Unlike most we take the time to review and suggest the best path forward, we don’t default to “this was built incorrectly and we’ll need to start from scratch”.  We’re happy to update and enhance your application no matter the current condition.

Hire Us!

Do you have an idea and are looking for a team to help you bring it to life? Has your app been developed, but it’s rife with flaws? Whether you’re only validating the concept or are stuck with implementation, we are happy to help you. Prodjex provides a comprehensive suite of app development services for iOS & Android – all delivered to make your app flawless.

No matter how outlandish your app idea is, we will bring it to life. We can develop any app you can think of and are always up for a challenge.

Prodjex custom mobile app development company: From ideation to a fully functional product

Many tech-savvy experts say the need for personalization will drive the future of mobile application development in Kansas City or elsewhere. And we can’t agree more!

Users are becoming increasingly comfortable with apps to manage their lives. Still, they expect a more tailored experience and more sophisticated functionality from each download.

The Prodjex mobile app development agency creates custom mobile apps tailored to the unique needs and expectations of your audience. Our developers are devoted to crafting high-quality applications and can help you with everything from ideation and strategy to design and development. We also offer post-launch support, so you can rest assured your app performs at its best after it goes live.

The mobile app development agency that makes your app different

It’s no secret that app stores are saturated. What this means to your business is that you may constantly be fighting an uphill battle. Winning it is impossible without innovating and delivering additional value for users. And this is where our team’s creativity and development mastery come into play to help you find ways to stand out in a sea of thousands of other apps.

As a full-service mobile app development company, we handle all aspects of your iOS or Android project. We excel at React Native, Native, Xamarin, and other platforms and frameworks to make your app your pride and joy. We will work closely with you to ensure it is exactly what you and your users expect it to be. From there, it’s easier to move your app forward until it becomes a multi-billion-dollar product.

Increased focus on security

Whether you’re ordering some coffee or checking your bank account balance, the security of mobile apps is a mounting concern for online businesses, users, and developers. If you’re ambitious enough to stay ahead of the curve, your app must be built with sophisticated security features to keep data-related risks at bay and gain users’ trust.

At Prodjex, we explore every avenue to beef up the security of your application and provide updates against malicious software. So, if you are searching for a responsible team using the latest security practices for app development in Kansas City or across the USA, it’s time to contact us. Once we are clued up on your iOS or Android project, we will work out the best way to ensure security and get started with implementation.

Why Prodjex?

When it comes to web we do it all

Tailored Web Solutions

Get unique and high quality web development solutions through our team of experienced web developers and designers for your customized web application.

Project Management

Our project managers map the scope of your software build, forecast progress and break tasks into managed releases that align with schedule and project cost goals. With transparency at the forefront, you are continuously involved as your product develops.

Quality Assurance

Versed in comprehensive testing best practices, our analysts work with your team to identify, fix and prevent software quality issues through a custom mix of manual testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation engineering and continuous integration.




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